Friday, January 18, 2008

More dyeing results

My skeins finally dried today at about 2:30 so on to the niddy noddy they went! My personal favorite is the brown yarn there on the left. It's difficult to see on my computer screen, but there is some burnt orange in there as well. These were done with a combination of Jacquard and Gaywool dyes, both are acid dyes. These are in fingering weight merino and, after being dyed, fluffed out very beautifully. I am working on streamlining my dyeing techniques so that I can speed the process up a bit.
This is really fun to do, but I know that my mom eventually needs the kitchen back, lol.


George said...

Love the green! looks like your dying techniques are streamilned already! good work!!

Now give your mom the kitchen back, ok?? :)

Angelika said...

How exciting. You are turning into a pro here. The neon color looks very interesting. Now I can't wait to see them knit up.

June said...

You have an awesome eye for color, girlfriend, and oh I love the browns and golds too! It is so cool to see them "hung to dry", and then wound up as a skein.

When does George make you a dye studio? Hhhmmnn????

lol! All in fun George, all in fun!