Sunday, January 20, 2008

My first FO of the year

I am so excited to announce that I have my first FO (finished object for you non-knitters) for 2008! Introducing, the Guernsey! Levi has been wearing it for a few hours today and is all smiles. That makes it so fulfilling...there's nothing better than having the recipient love your knitted garment as much as you hoped they would! It's difficult to see the details here in these pictures, but it was my first sweater with a stitch pattern. I really like how it turned out. I added an underarm gussett, and knitted the sleeves from the top down.

Here are more details:
Pattern: Basic Guernsey pattern from Knitting in the Old Way by Priscilla A. Gibson-Roberts.
Yarn: Plymouth Encore, worsted weight, wool/acrylic
Needle size: US 8
Started: January 6, 2008
Finished: January 20, 2008

I used Elizabeth Zimmermann's sewn cast off for the neckline and it's beautifully stretchy! It was so easy to do and looks nice and neat. There's a great tutorial for this method here. If you haven't tried it before, its perfect for cuffs on toe-up socks and necklines!

Now, on to my newest project. I have decided (with some gentle prodding from Marmee)
that I will make something for myself. I already have some yarn that I bought for the Tomten (and I decided not to use)'s Marine Heather. The sweater I am making is Age Of Aquarius by Kathy Zimmerman. You can find it in the book The Knitters Stash. I got it from Interweave Knits Fall 2001 issue. I did find one picture of it here at Ravelry. So, I haven't gotten very far on it yet, but wish me luck! :) I am trying to make some photo jewelry with pictures of my Bailey. I found a few adorable pics that I just have to share!


Heather said...

Levi is a lucky guy. What a great sweater! It is handsome and cozy looking. Well done, Ashley.

Jenny Girl said...

Great sweater and I love your puppy! He's a cutie.
I also like the other dye project you did. Were the acid dyes difficult or stinky to use? Is that how you got the stranded effect?

June said...

The guernsey is gorgeous and what a smile! And you know, I love the Bailey doggie!

Jenny Girl said...

hi Ashley,
Know you're busy, but I just wanted to let you that your blog makes my day. So much in fact, that I awarded you a "Make my Day Award". I hope I have made yours. When you have a chance please stop by and check it out