Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Drum carders and fiber blending

I am sorry that I have been unable to post for a while. Our internet decided to go on vacation for a few days, but I think we have it back now :) Here's what I did this weekend! We have been working on our craft room, more details over at my mom's blog. So, we now have all this space specifically designed for creativity and fiber-y fun! I broke out the drum carder and decided to blend some roving that I got for Christmas. It started out like this, but I wanted more blended color rather than sections of color.

I pulled the colors apart and pre-carded them on their own-
(By the way, the colors below are true to the way they really look, more so than above)

I took these and split them all up, making little groups of one of each color

I put them on the drum carder like this-

After one layer of the colors in this order, I added another layer of colors laid out in a different order. I pulled it off the carder, pulled into more of a roving and here it is!

I wanted a lot of color definition so I only put it through the carder once. I am so excited about how it turned out, I can't wait to spin it all up! I will be posting a knitting update, turning the heels on my socks and my cardigan! I am on the left front...moving right along! :)


Anonymous said...

lovely stuff...what kind of drum carder do you use?

Ashley said...

Oh yeah, the carder is a Pat Greene. I am using the super fine drum here with 100% merino :)

June said...

I love this Ashley! You are so very talented!!

Angelika said...

Those batts look so yummy, kinda like ice cream. Nice choice you made and 100 % better than what you started out with.

Lanas said...

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